Nicknames: Weezy, Girl Girl, Bunzy
Favorite toy: yarn, preferably mom's expensive stuff
Personality: sweetest little girl, a little shy
Well known for: daredevil door climbing tricks

Louise was born August 29, 2000. We adopted Louise
from a shelter 2 years after we adopted Gus.
They became instant friends, playmates and snuggle buddies.
It was really amazing how Gus just loved Weez so much.

Louise was extremely depressed when we lost Gus.
She's grown up a lot in the last couple of years....she runs the show here.


Little Girl!!


Weez has a really unique gray marking on her left side.

Louise was never far from Gus.
Their love for each other was very strong.

They both changed our lives in so many wonderful ways!


Steph & Miss Louise


Doing what Louise does best...


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