Sam was born on March 24, 2003. We adopted Sam from an animal shelter in Maine on our way home from Bar Harbor.
We had recently lost our beloved Gus and Sam gave us so much comfort and love. Sam helped our hearts to start healing.

Nicknames: Mr. Picklebutt, Little D
Favorite toys: feather toys, peanuts in the shell
Favorite past time: playing in the water, chasing his tail
Personality: friendly, loving...wants to be everyone's pal


12 weeks old


The goofy guy that we love!

I like to make new friends!!!
Rozy girl, the dog who loves cats!



Extra toppings on your pizza?

But I really love to spend time with my friend, Louise.

She has taught me so much about life.

We both came from an animal shelter

and so we have some things in common. It took Louise

months to 'accept' me but she is really sweet.

She's definitely the boss still, though.

She keeps me in line but I still love her...

She told me I had some BIG shoes to fill.....

I wish I could've met Gus. Someday....

we love you, Gussie

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